Friday, September 19, 2008

3 Days North.

I was in northern area of Malaysia for 3 days, got some IT related jobs. Totally simple networking /remote user email setup. Went there together with Azmi and Shukri (UniKL IT Trainee). We were in Alor Setar for about 5 hours and rushed back to Penang to sent our Boss to Bayan Lepas Airport. Yeahh...his flight scheduled at 10:45pm.
Checked in at Pearl View Hotel in Butterworth at 1 am. Had our 'sahur' at 4am. We were the first stepped in to the Roof Top Cafe for sahur. That was my first time having sahur at Hotel..ahaks...
The next day, we went to Penang Sentral to configure email for remote users. All done by Shukri. Hehehe I just double checked his job, that's all....hehhehehe...Break fast together with Helmi , Azmi, Shukri and AP Cpl. Ross Kenedy. Snapped some pictures, some experimental pictures...yeah using my K800i Sony Ericsson Handphone. Shukri, using a compact camera that he borrow from his friend. Hahaha...we just snapped anything, spontaneous. We get some cool images...hhahahaha...we assume laa....hahaha... Then after we enjoyed surfing Internet at Penang Sentral definately using their Internet Broadband connection...hahahaha... Thanks a lot guys...

We get back to Pearl View around 11 pm. Mandi mandi , then we booted up our notebooks...yeah all 3 notebooks were booted up, a Dell notebook and 2 MacBook!!!!...we were like Hackers trying to mess a corporate network...!!!!...Hahaha...Hackers wannabe la konon....
The hotel Maintenance Technician was disturbed by a call, "Hello, xde power supply la kat bilik 913, power trip."...Hahaha...Aku punye kerja la tu....x sengaja la bro....We surf Internet until 3 am after everything back to normal.

Again had our sahur at the hotel cafe. This time we were the last group stepped in. Hahaha...padan muka, siapa suruh tido lewat....10am went to Seberang Jaya. Again, setup email for remote users.
We went to Rope Walk in Butterworth Penang before we leave Penang. may found some unexpected stuffs there. But, most of the items are second hand stuffs...bundle...Azmi and Shukri bought some there. Azmi bought a songkok (RM28) and a pair of shoes, can't remember the brand but almost similar design to my Timberland shoe. He got it at RM40!!!...Shukri bought 2 pair of shoes, a Adidas and a Gucci, RM80 for 2 pairs!!!

Then, we're off to KL!!!

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