Sunday, August 24, 2008


As promised here are some video clip of MIFC2008 (Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008) which is started from 16/8/2008 till 28/8/2008.

This 2 video clips was from China Fireworks Team. Started quite late, 30 minutes late. We thought the fireworks presentation was canceled for that day. We are about to leave the open space parking area. Suddenly....BOOOMMMMM...Prang panng pangpang...BoomMM..!!!

Then, apa lagi...we enjoy the beauty of the fireworks la...Again, I just using my K800 Handphone as my 'gun' to shoot this clip....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Bebudak main atas mesin padi.....

Tram Service

Tuna Fish. Guess the weight.

Enjoy the coconut, cuaca panas laaa..

Walkway to MAHA2008 Exibition Halls.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Silent Night

I'm blogging at my office, in KL Sentral, at this time, 3:02am. What am I doing in KL Sentral at this time??...ahaks...actually I'm monitoring a contractor doing some troubleshooting for commuter train schedule display boards. Already assigned my colleague to monitor them but since our client keep asking me the status of the system, I have no choice to monitor by myself. At least I know what is the real situation and I can update our client without any inaccurate information.

I'm thinking to post an image of house for rent, which belong to my parent. Maybe I post it later, within this week.

We're in the middle of school holiday, definately for school children laaa...not us..hehe..Lots of events. I attended 2 of it, MAHA2008 and Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition. Maybe will post about those soon. Untill then...choww....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Best Guitar Improvisation Ever

I don't now what to say about this video clip. Pls focus at the guitarist face...I really mean it....Watch it urself....Enjoy

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Week Holiday

As you can read on the tiltle, I've spent a week in Kg. Pandan 2, Kuantan Pahang. Back to 'kampung', my wife's hometown actually. After few times postponed our plan to back to kampung, finally we enjoyed our holiday, 1 week holiday in her hometown. Aiman is the happiest person when we were in Kuantan.

I can see Aiman became a kampung boy. Completely a kampung boy. He enjoyed the whole week with his uncles, with Paksu Asyraf especially. He jumped into the 'parit' in front of my parent-in-law's house to catch fish. Not fishing!!!.. In Malay words menangguk me to translate...hehe..He wasn't like Aiman that we know. Previously he won't let even sands get on his foot. He won't touch any black color thing. But this time I can see the different Aiman. Hehehe...but quite unlucky I didn't snap any pictures of Aiman jump into the parit.

Our journey to Kuantan was the same day as the MRCB Race, like the Amazing Race laaa..We can see few cars with MRCB Race stickers along the LPT Expressway. When we reached R&R Temerloh, I saw a group with pink color t-shirts and one of them was Pakcu. Huahahah...Pakcu in Pink...huahaha...They're the MRCB Race Marshalls. Stopped and bought some drinks there and I saw another group, that was hedgebeewhy and gang. I heard they're No. 3 winner...Another group was Duha, Ijad, Fara and Zabidah, still trying to find clue, I believe to continue the race.

When we reached at Gambang exit, a Satria Neo, a 4 wheel drive pick-up and a blue Myvi were like racing and I saw MRCB Race sticker on the side of all 3 cars. I believed the Satria Noe was Effi. Called him, "Laju nampak bawak kete tu bro"...."kau jgn bagitau Marshall" said Effi. Huahaha..his team points will be deducted if Marshall know he is speeding. Huahahaha...

After passed the Toll Complex, Asnol called. "bro, lu tau x kat mana ada tempat buat batik". ..I never know about batik in Kuantan...huahaha..."kalau lu x tau tempat buat batik, lu mesti tau Giant kat mana"...Yes..I know where is Giant. Give direction to him and that's it. Pandai-pandai la korang...heheh...

The temperature in Kuantan was very hot and I decided to take my family to Sg. Lembing Waterfall. Again, Aiman is the happiest person...huahaha......I'll post some pictures of the Sg. Lembing Waterfall. It's about 20 minutes driving, passed the Air Force Military Camp. Entrance fee, RM1.00 per person.

That's all for now...

U.S International Airmail

Huahaha...actually wanna post about my holiday in Kuantan, but changed to this post. Will post about my 1 week holiday in Kuantan after this. Hahahahuahaha...quite excited about this...:)

Recieved a U. S International Airmail. Never recieved this kind of mail since long time ago when my sis was in US over 10 years ago. The first thing I saw is GOOGLE logo on it. Yes, the final step of Google Adsense program before CorneaMelayu can withdraw money once it reach USD100 in CorneaMelayu Google Adsense account. Still long way to go, but at least this is a prove that this is a real program from Google. Hey, I got mail from Google, dude!!!..A real mail, I mean!!!...

Huahaha...look at the image below....

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