Monday, September 29, 2008

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Kena tag!!

Aku mmg x brapa nak ingat sgt pasal life aku masa kecik kecik...but since dah kena tagged dgn si elf ungu buat kali ke-2 (1st aku x buat pun..), maka ini la jawapan pada setiap soalan yg diberikan...tapi aku pesan pada adik adik aku..."lu org jgn ikut perangai x elok abg lu org"....kenapa aku pesan?...sbb adik beradik aku pun kekadang baca gak blog aku ni...

5 tabiat buruk anda time sekolah…

1. ponteng skolah/kelas (lepak dlm bilik air lama lama, bila parent aku dah pi keje, aku masuk bilik tido balik. Aku x suka ponteng skolah lepak kompleks, mcm poyo je lepak kompleks).
2. balik umah ikut suka je..kalau baju kotor sbb PJ, pakat ngan kekawan amik bas Sri Jaya no.270, balik umah je terus...
3. suka sgt tlg org dlm yg dlm masalah, last last aku yg dpt masalah balik...sampai pernah jadi kes polis, muka berparut (parut kecik je, org x perasan sbbb jerawat cover hehehe..)
4. suka bergendang ketuk meja dlm kelas...maybe sbb tu aku bleh main dram kot...walaupun x terer mana, yg penting aku pernah performed few times dgn Zero Breakdown & Rimba Bara Huahahahaha...
5. takut pompuan...hehehe

3 favourite subject anda… kenapa?

1. English. Sebab cikgu bagi green light utk kitorang x blaja/focus masa subjek tu..tpt aku jadi port...bleh buat apa saje yg kitorang nak buat...
2. PJ la beb....aku suka bersukan..pastu lepas PJ bleh balik ikut suka hati...(lari dari skolah la tu)..
3. Sains. Bleh tido maaa....

3 subjek yang anda tidak suka… kenapa?

1. Math. Cikgu garang, siap kena sumpah failed Math SPM...bebetul jadi plak tu...!!Sbb tu aku slalu x ingat formula kira kira...
2. Geografi. Sama gak, sbb cikgu garang. Siapa SMLK mesti kenal dgn Cikgu Hippies.
3. English (masa form 1-3 SMLK). Sbb cikgu tu cakap menyembur-nyembur, aku duduk dpn skali plak pepaham je la kan...

Menarik pada kamu???

Aku x tau la pasal ni...apa kata kalau korang je yang bagitau kat aku....

Kamu paling suka?

Anak-anak aku....

Anda tidak boleh hidup tanpa?

yang pasti, kalau x diberi nyawa mcm mana nak hidup kan...selain tu aku akan rasa gelisah (bukan x bleh hidup) kalau xde internet, komputer/laptop, x dpt main bola, impian ..itu je buat masa ni..

setiap malam sebelum tidur, siapa yang anda hubungi?

aku x hubungi sesiapa, cuma baca la ayat ayat Al Quran yg aku tau...baca sesama dgn anak aku...tu pun kalau aku x terlelap secara autimatis la...selalunya aku lelap secara tiba2 ....

Friday, September 19, 2008

3 Days North.

I was in northern area of Malaysia for 3 days, got some IT related jobs. Totally simple networking /remote user email setup. Went there together with Azmi and Shukri (UniKL IT Trainee). We were in Alor Setar for about 5 hours and rushed back to Penang to sent our Boss to Bayan Lepas Airport. Yeahh...his flight scheduled at 10:45pm.
Checked in at Pearl View Hotel in Butterworth at 1 am. Had our 'sahur' at 4am. We were the first stepped in to the Roof Top Cafe for sahur. That was my first time having sahur at Hotel..ahaks...
The next day, we went to Penang Sentral to configure email for remote users. All done by Shukri. Hehehe I just double checked his job, that's all....hehhehehe...Break fast together with Helmi , Azmi, Shukri and AP Cpl. Ross Kenedy. Snapped some pictures, some experimental pictures...yeah using my K800i Sony Ericsson Handphone. Shukri, using a compact camera that he borrow from his friend. Hahaha...we just snapped anything, spontaneous. We get some cool images...hhahahaha...we assume laa....hahaha... Then after we enjoyed surfing Internet at Penang Sentral definately using their Internet Broadband connection...hahahaha... Thanks a lot guys...

We get back to Pearl View around 11 pm. Mandi mandi , then we booted up our notebooks...yeah all 3 notebooks were booted up, a Dell notebook and 2 MacBook!!!!...we were like Hackers trying to mess a corporate network...!!!!...Hahaha...Hackers wannabe la konon....
The hotel Maintenance Technician was disturbed by a call, "Hello, xde power supply la kat bilik 913, power trip."...Hahaha...Aku punye kerja la tu....x sengaja la bro....We surf Internet until 3 am after everything back to normal.

Again had our sahur at the hotel cafe. This time we were the last group stepped in. Hahaha...padan muka, siapa suruh tido lewat....10am went to Seberang Jaya. Again, setup email for remote users.
We went to Rope Walk in Butterworth Penang before we leave Penang. may found some unexpected stuffs there. But, most of the items are second hand stuffs...bundle...Azmi and Shukri bought some there. Azmi bought a songkok (RM28) and a pair of shoes, can't remember the brand but almost similar design to my Timberland shoe. He got it at RM40!!!...Shukri bought 2 pair of shoes, a Adidas and a Gucci, RM80 for 2 pairs!!!

Then, we're off to KL!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Surfin' With The Alien!!

HAHAHa...sound like Joe Satriani's album rite?...If you listen to instrumental rock guitar, you know who Joe Satriani is. This is not about Joe Satriani, it's all about mobility. Have you heard about Streamyx Mobility recently?...Yeah, I'm using it !!!...

Thanks to Fairuzah, TM Account Manager for the company I work for. Thanks for giving me the information that I need. Hehehe...Thanks to Husmadi and Mazlan. Yes, Mazlan the Streamyx installer came to install Streamyx Mobility 2 hours ago. Kesian dia..he looks exhausted...(aku plak lupa nak pelawa dia minum...adus kesiannn dia)...Planned to snap a photo of him while he install & configure everything, but bila kesian I forgot everything...apa daaa....

Mazlan took out his Asus Eee and configured the Riger ADSL modem. Had some chitchat and I managed to get everything about this Riger ADSL modem. Normally Streamyx installer give nothing about how to configure the ADSL modem. Previously TMNet never provide any Streamyx wireless modem, you need to plug wireless access point (AP) to Streamyx modem, ZTE or Billion or you have to buy wireless ADSL modem router yourself. I know how to configure ZTE and Billion modem but never know about this Riger ADSL wireless modem. As I mention before, this is a new service package from TMNet. Maybe you've heard about Streamyx Combo with RM60 permonth, for this Streamyx Mobility, just add another RM10 and you may surf the internet from anywhere in your house. Great isn't it?!!...

Normally Streamyx installer will configure ZTE / Billion modem for you and you have to establish the internet connection manually, similar like you do a dial-up 56kbps modem. Hey, do you know that Streamyx Broadband equals to ALWAYS ON internet connection? YES it suppose to be ALWAYS ON!! Meaning that when you swicthed on your modem,pc and just click Firefox, IE, Netscape, Safari to surf the internet. No need to do dial-up manually each time you wanna surf the net!!...If you ask them to configure the ALWAYS ON ADSL connection, they will charge you RM30-RM40 !!!..Hey that is about 2-3 minutes configuration bro...!!!

Nevermind I can surf the internet from home....hehehe...just about 12 days after registration!!!...Lucky me...maybe you have to wait longer after register for Streamyx Broadband. Alhamdulillah....for those who still waiting for your Streamyx Broadband...jgn marah aaa.....still, there's alternative from other providers...hehehe...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just Few Images

Lucky me. Almost injure myself when I was about to lean against it.

Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan Jalan Duta.

KTMB Depot Tunnel.


A 29 years old Kelantanese fall from the Gondola 2 days ago. He died. Badly Injured.

Nothing to share. Just few images that I snapped since last week.
Enjoy je la...Itu pun kalau enjoy...kalau x enjoy, bebuat la mcm enjoy..