Tuesday, December 25, 2007

HOC 2007 Mega Gath & My Ride


2 images above was on 15th Dec 2007

3 images above was taken on 22nd Dec 2007, sprayed with Undercoat color.

Got nothing to do, planned to get to the football pitch and get sweat and suddenly..BANGBLAMMBOOOMM!!! Actually it's raining out there ... While watching Sound of Music (classic movie) P413 StarMovies Channel, I decided to turn on my MacBook and surf the Internet. Browse some website, and
Why don't I post my car pics in here...?..hehe..For today, the images I've posted are the images of my car in a workshop which I sent for a new paint job.

The current color is Gold, standard Honda Civic SR4 color. For some reasons, there are green, blue and white color on some parts of my SR4. Green for my Mugen front bumper lip. Blue on rear bumper. White for rear trunk spoiler and of course Gold for the whole Honda Civic SR4 body.

I decided to change to Violet Pearl for my Honda Civic SR4 or will be known as converted EG9, exterior only. Absolutely no B16A or B16B or whatsoever conversion..hahaha...Once complete this exterior then I will think about the interior conversion.
I've sent it 0n 9th Dec 2008, a day after HOC (Honda Owners Club) Mega Gath which was held in Presint 2 Parking area, Putrajaya, Malaysia. Whoaaa!!!..huge participants...lots of yummy cars... We can see Sudin, HOC member, (in black T-shirt with baseball cap) in front of Black Civic FD in one of the images.

Here are the images of my car 2 weeks ago, still in Gold. Few more was the images I took last Saturday, 22nd Dec 2007, and it was sprayed an Undercoat color. Hopefully, I can drive my converted/clone EG9 during this coming new year, 2oo8....

The most important to all of you out there who love, owners of HONDA...come join our community, no matter where you at...
go to:-

and be one of us!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

My 1st blog entry

Sunday December 23rd, 0418 1st blog entry. I will try to post some useful info to humans out there, it could be about cars, motorcycles, entertainments, health and etc.

Why did I used corneamelayu as keyword to my blog?...Simple, I am a simple Malay guy who love to observe, photo lover...I'll try to post lots of images which sneak into my cornea and and camera lens (just using my K800i Sony Ericsson's hand phone as my gadget) for your view and you may leave your comments, if any...

That's all for now..