Friday, July 18, 2008

Personal Computer Complete Care (computer tips and tricks)

Hi/Salam to all of you. It's been quite sometimes I didn't update this CorneaMelayu blogpage. As usual, there will be no updates if I got nothing to share.

In this post, I will start to share some computer tips and tricks which I know. Most of it are basic tips and I think easy for you guys to TIY (Tweak-It-Yourself) or maybe some computer experts forget about this simple tips and trick that I might share in here. To all computer experts out there, you are welcome to share/comments, especially Effi.

Okay, at the end of this post, you will understand on how to take a complete care of your own computer, hopefully..L.O.L..

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ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE - Trustworthy anti-virus program will help rid your computer of unknown viruses, trojans, worms, etc., which slow it down massively. There are tons of programs out there to choose from. I'd suggest kaspersky Anti-Virus. They have some of the most highly rated software on the web. There are also free anti-virus programs available, but they are not as effective as ones you pay for.

ANTI-SPYWARE SOFTWARE - Spyware, much like viruses, slow down your computer tremendously. Most spyware is installed without you realize when you're browsing the internet or opening up random emails. To get rid of them, I would suggest downloading Spy-Bot Search and Destroy. It's absolutely free and it's one of the best pieces of anti-spyware/adware software available.

HARD DRIVES DEFRAGMENT - Fragmenting of the hard drives happen over time whenever you delete files, move them around or even when your computer looses power without warning. Defragmenting frequently and regularly helps rearrange or your file, optimizing them for faster access. The windows operating system has this built in feature and is easily accessible from the start menu.

REGISTRY DEFRAGMENT - Your registry, much like your hard drives, needs to be defragmented on a regular basis.

EXTERNAL CLEANING - Over time, the inside of computer can gather massive amounts of dust. This decreases the airflow and increases the amount of heat inside the computer case, which can spoil costly components.

OS UPDATE - Regularly update computer with the latest drivers and software upgrades. This will improve the efficiency of many of the programs running and improve the overall performance

START UP PROGRAMS - If computer takes a long time to start up, please consider to disable some useless programs that start when log on by using msconfig (type msconfig in RUN box) feature in Windows OS.

TWEAKS - There are many other tweaks that you could do also. Search the internet for other ways to improve the performance of your computer. There are also many articles that can help you too.

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