Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chelsea's in quest.

Read in newpaper yesterday, that Chelsea is in quest for Kaka. I don't quite understand what is the reason for Scolari (Chelsea new team manager) to bring in another midfielder. They already have Ballack, Lampard, Makalele, Malouda in squad. Yes, I admit that bring in the best Midfielder in the world could make lots of changes in squad, and definately they can make $$$ just because of Kaka in the squad.

Said in the news that the transfer fee will be 80million pound sterling!!!!...Kaka will be more expensive than Zizou if Chelsea signed in Kaka!!!

But then, Chelsea admit defeat in quest to sign Kaka and now they set their sight to Robinho...
(source)!!!..Argghhh...why is this happen?...Mr. Scolari, you have many Midfielder..why do you need another, is it for you to bring another star players to sit next you and have a chit chat at the bench??!!

Anyhow, Chelsea will be in Malaysia this coming 29th July 2008. Checkout guys (fixtures).

I won't be there, but kakibangku will be there to give a full coverage of the match.


Anonymous said...

Berminat komen pasal Chelsea ni...ada apa2 ker?hehe

corneamelayu said...

xde apa pun...sbnarnye bengang pasal chelsea cuba nak sign kaka je ... hehe ..semua star chelsea nak itu la lumrah dlm karier diorg...kan

Anonymous said...

Dah mampu...biarla kami nak nampak hebat! :-D