Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday, 12th July 2008

I had a great day today. Everything goes fine, even not everything happened as planned. Supposed to bring along my family to be at a drift course in Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex, but since Arshad is still not fully recover from high fever, only myself and my elder son watched the drift challenge live for the first time. I am interested with this extreme sport, car drift, but only interested laaa..but have no guts no drift HAHAhaha..Drifted once with my Honda Civic SR4, but that was incidently happened on the wet slippery corner in Putrajaya and I was on my way to office!!..Hahaha...there was no blood on my face; I didn't expect it to happened. Padan muka aku..!!! Anyhow, syukur alhamdulillah (thank God), I managed to control my SR4 smoothly.

Drift Challenge Image
(more images coming soon at thefast-cars blog)

Maybe some of us recognised the man in the circle.

Good Year Drift Team

Get back home around 2pm and checked Arshad’s body temperature. Alhamdulillah, he’s getting well and while I’m updating this blog he is asleep without any disturbance, without cough, without flu & he’s breathing normally. That’s great, alhamdulillah.

At 4:30pm, I’m ready to have another football friendly match against Kg. Pasir FC. FYI, Kg. Pasir FC is a well trained team. Ahhh…nevermind that, it’s only a friendly match anyway. Second match after almost 4 years I retired from serious football. I play for Phase 6 (Taman Melawati) football team. Actually we never had any match for about 3 years ago. The last match if not mistaken was against Sime Darby FC in Damansara League and we used MOBA (Melawati Old Boys) as our team name. At 5:00pm I drove my SR4 to Kg. Pasir football pitch, somewhere near Pantai Dalam and reached there at 5:30pm. The first match was 3 weeks ago, know nothing about the opponent and we only know they are newly formed team. The first friendly match result was draw 1-1.

Okay, back to today’s match. Our team Manager/Coach, Masyri, came to me and said “Poji, kau first line up”. “Alamak!!!” I replied. Shocked. This is the second time. The first time was 3 weeks a go. Totally shocked, as I started as first 11 player and the thing made me shocked was, I have to play as right defender. ‘Kacau’ ni…coz I am not a sprinter and the most crucial was I am not in a good shape!!!.. For today, Masyri put me back into my favorite position, center midfield and have no specific role. Means, FREEROLE. Yes!!!... that’s great, I can do whatever I want and I can go wherever I want. Hehehe…

Phase 6 Team, as you can see, most of them are youngsters.

I was appointed as team captain for this 2nd friendly match. There were 5 players in veteran category (inclusive myself hehe..) and there were 9 senior players (that are inclusive 5 veteran players). Others are new players and most of them are under 20 years old.

Kg. Pasir FC scored first after 15 minutes match started and we managed to encounter 1 minute after, goal scored by Fikri Hakim. Farhan’s brother (not Farhan of AF laaa..). Then Khairul scored another goal and that made we lead the match 2-1 until 1st half match ended.

I was replaced by Andi, another veteran for Phase 6 team. 2nd half match not quite interesting, because there were to many young players and maybe they’re nervous. Still we manage to scored another goal, scored by Anuar Abu Bakar ( not the Johor/Selangor ex-player) after he received a great grounder crossed from Arif, young talented player in our team. The match ended with we won this 2nd friendly match, 3-1. Even the opponent players started to play rough and robust.

That’s why I said I had a great day today, I watched the drift challenge today and maybe will be at there drift course again tomorrow and we won the friendly football match against a well trained team with 3-1 and I was the team captain for the match. Wow!!..what a great day, alhamdulillah…


hedgebeewhy said...

wah, cun template kau ni...mana kau ambik?

corneamelayu said...

carik la kan?..hehe mcm bukak mac os plak..

Anonymous said...

Mesti best giler tgk drift...gua takde can lagi nak tgk live...kalau gua sendiri yg drift tu pernah la...tanyalah ijat macam mana dia bleh muntah! hahaha

Mohd Norfauzi said...

hehe..sama la kita..drift konon..sampai pucat muka