Sunday, June 29, 2008

The good & the not good

Yeah...that's true. CorneaMelayu have the good & the not good news. Why? The good - recieved an sms from Helmi (Bos Penang Sentral) mentioned that he became a father to a baby boy about 9 pm yesterday night. Recieved the sms around 11:30 pm. Yeah quite late actually but nevermind that. Congratulation bro!! CorneaMelayu have another good news -EURO 2008 Final, German vs Spain - Spain leading 1-0!!! Yahooo...Fernando Torres scored a goal at 33rd minutes of the match and he almost score a goal before that. Hehe..of course I vote for Spain to be the Champion of EURO 2008. Predicted 2-1 win.

The not good news - CorneaMelayu's elder son, got fever since yesterday evening. Getting worst at midnight and everything he ate, was out. Threw up lorrr... That was caused by Vitagen. My son can't take that Vitagen drinks, he will get fever after drink that Vitagen, Solivite & other drinks similar to those. I'll take an emergency leave for today. Another Emergency Leave for this month. Not a good decision actually, but I have to because CorneaMelayu need to bring my elder son to clinic and to help my wife to take care of my 2 child or I have to buy tapau food for my family..hahaha...

That's all for now. Continue to watch EURO 2008 final..!!!

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