Monday, June 30, 2008

FIFA World Ranking Football (Soccer)

How is the FIFA World Ranking after EURO 2008? Do you know where Spanish Football Team at before the won the EURO 2008 Championship title? How about Germany, where were they at before EURO 2008? Who is the leader of FIFA World Ranking?

I believed Malaysians still wanna know which spot does their football team ranked. Eventhough the Malaysia Football team is at the worst performance level. For me, Malaysia Football team not getting worst actually, but they are at the same level as the the 70's or 80's era. During that era, Malaysia team even can beat the Hungary team. While Japanese team was like newbies, like learning how to play football. Even Malaysia can scored more than 5 goals.

Nowadays, the level still the same. CorneaMelayu talk about the Malaysian players level, the level of skills, techniques, speed mostly the same. That's why Malaysia was the Asia football giant during 70's & 80's. Other countries nowadays, improved & improving. Lots, when I said lots means huges improvement. Even Japan qualified to the World Cup & South Korea was in the World Cup Quarter Final. What happend to Malaysia football team? The level still the same & the spirits is there. Not patriotic enough? For me, it's all there.

Look at the FIFA World Ranking before EURO 2008 Championship kick-off, 4th June 2008.

The Q is what's wrong with Malaysia football team? Even Mynmar & Pakistan is ranked above Malaysia. No X factor? CorneaMelayu does not have the answer. Maybe you have the answer.

*table ranking source - FIFA

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