Monday, June 30, 2008

Everything Up

Started by oil price, effective since June 2008, Malaysian have to pay RM2.70 per litre for petrol. Effective from today, 1st July 2008, new electrical tariff rate implemented after July 2006 if I'm not mistaken.

Previously, we, the passengers of ERL who travelling to office from Putrajaya to KL Sentral have to pay RM225.00 per month and effective from today new price has been charge to us and that is RM285.00!! That's mean we have to top up another RM60.00 per month. As for me, that do effect my monthly budget, but not so much. Because CorneaMelayu only travel using one train daily, from Putrajaya to KL Sentral as I work in KL Sentral itself.

Let say if you're working in Ampang area, maybe in KLCC, you have to transit in KL Sentral and change to RAPID LRT (Light Rail Train), then you have to buy season travel ticket and that will cost another RM100.00 per month. WHOAAAA!!! So it will cost you in total RM385.00 per month, dude....!!! I believed almost the same rate if you pay monthly installment for a compact call like Kancil.

Eventhough the price hiked does not effect CorneaMelayu so much, I still have another alternative. I ride my LC135 to my workplace..hehe...It will cost me RM9.00 for a full tank of petrol filled for my LC135. For RM9.00 I can travel about 160km and that is for 2 days. Working days is about 25 days per month. So, CorneaMelayu will spend about RM112.50 monthly!!!

Lets do some simple calculation. RM9.00 for 2 days, meaning to say it is RM4.50 per day. Working days, 25 days. So RM4.50 x 25 days = RM112.50.
ERL monthly travel ticket from Putrajaya to KL Sentral / KL Sentral to Putrajaya (return) cost RM285.oo.
RM285.00 - RM112.50 = RM172.50!!!

For RM172.50 CorneaMelayu can save it for my childrens future education. That is RM2070.00 a year!! If CorneaMelayu manage to save RM2070.00 a year for about 14 years (my eldest son is almost 4 years old), RM2070.00 x 14 years = RM28,980.00 and CorneaMelayu believed almost enough if my son take an engineering course, maybe at diploma level.

So, we can't say anything about this price hiked. All we can do is think the best/creative way to manage our budget.

Everything goes up. The only thing goes down is RAIN!!!

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