Thursday, July 3, 2008

Springville Apartment

I've promised to my yahoo groups members (Springville yahoo groups) to post the images that I snapped form outside of the project site using my Pentax Optio M20 camera. The pictures was snapped last month during my visit to the Springville Apartment project in Ukay Perdana Hulu Kelang. This project should completed in 2005 if not mistaken. Haha..even I can't remember when is the completion date as this project was delayed quite sometimes.

This is one of Talam Corporation projects. Most of their projects was delayed since 2003 and we, the buyers have to take the burden since we have to pay the interest of the housing loans. Until to date I have to pay Rm370 monthly for the loan interest itself. Quite burden and frustrated actually. Most properties buyers paying their loans and they live or they really own their properties, but we the buyers of the Springville Apartment paying the loan but can't live in our own property.

Hopefully, the new contractor appointed can really complete their responsibillity/task as expected/as mention by the Springville Apartment committees, one of them is Mr. Jahid. If I'm not mistaken, the project are expected to be completed by end of this year or early next year and as agreed before among the buyer of the apartments, DO NOT TAKE ANY LEGAL ACTIONS AGAINTS TALAM CORP, not a warning actually but more like begging to all Springville apartment buyers because that will effect the completion of the project. For myself, I have no problem with that even I have to pay RM370 monthly because my intention is to get my apartment as soon as possible and any Late Delivery claim will be consider after I recieved my apartment key of course with C.F, documents that I am the official owner o the apartment. After that, Talam, please prepare everything laaa...I believed we the buyers will take some necessary action to claim our rights...

More picture will come after this. So that the buyers will be updated about the status of the Springville Apartment. As mentioned ealier, there are Springville Yahoo Group, but I prefer to post the images here in CorneaMelayu blog, so that I didn't do any double posting about it.


Anonymous said...

no latest update here..?

Hjh Dahlia said...

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