Monday, October 13, 2008

Portable Anti Virus

Looking for a portable antivirus which you can use on any computer or laptop terminal? Why don't you try this Malaysian made antivirus. Click on the link and save it into your removable device (thumbdrive la tu..). Once u see portableav.exe in your portable/removable device, means its all there.

How to use it?

Just double click to run or execute the antivirus. The portableav will scan ur hard drive and will list out all detected virus in your computer/laptop.

Thats all. No need to install it into your computer. Simple rite...

Download it here.

The best thing is it's FREE. I know most o us love FREE stuffs..hehe

1 comment:

liyana said...

wahh...amaze dgn iklaneka yg pelbagai kat page abg ni..huhu...terus kan usaha