Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost A Week

Almost a week. Yeah, correct. Didn't update anything in my snake pit. Same goes to my other blog sites. Actually there's lots to blog but couldn't get any best time for me to do that. The whole weekdays, woke up at 5 am!! Erghh...don't think going to write about that.

Last weekend, Sunday morning, went to Pasar Chow Kit. Hahaha..quite sometimes I didn't go there. Took my mom there and bought some fishes, veges & some other thing that I didn't what to call it..hehe..

Afternoon, after Zohor prayer, we went to Cheras to have a look the progress of the construction of the 2 units of houses that we're going to rent to anyone interested. Almost complete. Let say almost 30%-35% for completion. I'll post about that soon.

After that, without planned I drove to Bukit Jalil Sport Complex. Once again, I watched drift and this time together with my parent and my family..Hahaha..yeah correct, I brought my father & my mom to watched drift...Haahaha...It was about 15 minutes only and there were about 3 cars just did some practice run. Then we went back home and once again we drop by Ukay Perdana to checked the construction progress of Springville Apartment which I bought long ago.

Monday-Friday, usual get to work, back home at night playing with my 2 sons sleep at 9pm / 10 pm..letih la oi...hari hari bangun pukul 5 pagi !!!...penat tau!!!..

Had my first experience in blood donation. Will post about that later with some images.

I'll b on leave for a week started from tomorrow till end of next weekend..Puashati??!!..Most of my office mates will participate in Treasure Hunt (MRCB Race) and this time Kuantan, Pahang will be their final destination. I also will be in Kuantan but not together with them in the race. Hopefully, they will enjoy the race.

Thats all or now. No images this time. Save it for my next post and I will blogging form Kuantan next week.

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