Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Yesterday, 23rd January 2008, Thaipusam was celebrated by Hindus and this ceremony was declared as new public holiday for 2 states, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya by Malaysian Prime Minister. This was after considering MIC's (Malaysian Indian Congress) requisitions and normally massive traffic congestion occurred every year Thaipusam celebrated in Batu Caves radius.

Supposed I can enjoy this new public holiday together with my family, especially after changed my Honda Civic SR4's Sport rims from original 14" Honda rim to 15" Enkei RS Black/red sport rims. Wow!!...finally I get the dream looks of my car. I will post some images of my car soon. Ops..forgot to mention about a funny and shocked situation which was happened last Monday, 21st January 2008. Sent my car to car wash centre, when everything was done on my car and I was about to drive off from the car wash centre, an auntie, who are about mid 50's of age ask about my car. She asked me about the production year, model, where I sent my car for a new paint job. That was normal chat, but she shootout a question which I never thought, "If I wanna buy your car, how much you wanna sell it?"....Erk...!! I was like erkkkk...that was shocked man...there's a lot more 'cun' (beautiful) Honda Civic out there. Just mention some Civic cars which belongs to Azey Ferio from HOC/MHCC (White EG9), Faisal a.k.a BabyVtec from HOC (3D Orange/Yellow EK4), Naza a.k.a Spidy from kpHOC (White EK4 with 15" Enkei RP01 Blue lip rim)...Told her, "My car is not for sale"..and she ask for my cellphone number and she wanna make my car as sample or as a reference to her to do some make over on her car.

That situation makes me smile.. and feel appreciated..but that was on Monday.

Another shocked situation happened yesterday evening 23rd January 2008, about 7 p.m. Brought my son enjoy the new looks of my car, I notice an Iswara Aeroback following us in a dangerous distance. Suddenly, the Iswara overtook my car and his side mirror smashed my right side mirror. I believed, most drivers will shout as an automatic response of what happened to us. The driver stopped and get of from his car and yelling and me that I was driving at a very slow speed. Hey c'mon bro...I drove at 15-20kmj and that was the speed limit in residential area. But, still I explain in soft tones.."If I was to slow, you still can honk or flash the high beam and I will increase the speed or move over". He get angry and tried to punch me..hey c'mon I'm a man and I will stand for my right and tell him that was not my fault. He stay away and I just look at him without any angry thought. Suddenly, he turn and tried to punch me again in front o my 3 years old son and warn me not to look at him and if I want to stay safe, just be silent and drive away. There was 2 other guy there and I saw they give a signal to me to just drive away and don't bother about him (I started to call him as C.S.O.M, Crazy Stupid Old Man, he is about 50 years old). Yes, definitely the simple reason I call him as C.S.O.M,Crazy Stupid Old Man, just because he is old and why should he acted like an insane Tanjung Rambutan patients just because I drove at slow speed and I was at residential area speed limit, 15-20kmj??!!! and why should he acted like that in front of my 3 years old son??!!...That was not a good sample for my son...Even my son ask why did that uncle be like that?..

That was an extreme shocked situation happened to me and I will never forget about that and remind my younger brother not to drive at low speed if he see that White Aeroback Iswara or the driver will accusing and the worst, beating people...I believe I will see the C.S.O.M some other time as the C.S.O.M live in the same 'kampung' as I am. I will never hit him back, accusing the C.S.O.M...I will just give a sarcastic smile to the C.S.O.M!!! If the C.S.O.M realize he was wrong, the C.S.O.M will apologize to us for being as C.S.O.M.

Don't worry, I will post some images of my car soon...just be patient...hehe...PEACE!!

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