Friday, July 4, 2008

Initial-D Die-Cast

Small die-cast cars. Those 6 units of small die-cast cars are my collections. Actually CorneaMelayu just re-started to collect this kind of cars (can't afford to buy this much of real cars..hehe). CorneaMelayu collected die-cast cars & superbikes previously since CorneaMelayu was at 23 years old. But then when I have a so, everything became my son's toys.

In 2008, CorneaMelayu decided to find any die-cast cars which CorneaMelayu think it's rare to find or any limited production to become my collectibles. These are my first collectibles in 2008 and hopefully will increase soon.

These 6 units of die-cast cars are for Initial-D collection and there are 8 units in total. So I have to get another 2. Can't remember what are the other 2 models. CorneaMelayu's next target is Back To the Future die-cast cars once complete this Initial-D collection. There are 3 units of Back To The Future die-cast car.

If you're into die-cast collections, why don't we share some informations about this hobby.

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