Sunday, July 27, 2008


CorneaMelayu no asking for donation from you, CorneaMelayu just wanna share about my experience, BLOOD DONATION. This is CorneaMelayu first experience in blood donation. But I have tons of experiences in donating blood to the when I was a teenager, crazy about motobike. Ride my bike the way I like, doesn't bother about other road users. Hahaha..that was years ago..over 10 years.
Back to blood donation.
This event held at MSC Cyber Centre, Plaza Sentral Phase II. Actually, Azri, my colleague pinged (ping = MS-DOS term actually) about this blood donation as I quite busy to settle all my outstanding jobs before I start my holiday effective 26th. July 2008 till 3rd August 2008. I went to MSC CyberCentre at about 12 noon and Azri was already there waiting for me. After finished filled up all the necessary documentation, we wait for our turn. Eddy was there also but he can't donate his blood because he went to Europe and had some European beef back there. I am not sure what is the specific reason even he insisted to be one of the blood donator for the day.

While we wait for our turn, we tried out a Formula 1 game console which installed at the MSC CyberCentre. The vidoe game was developed by one of MSC status gaming company and I can't recall what is the company name.

That was a nice experience for me, donated blood for the first time at a very nice cool place. My blood was like 'zassss' flow into the rubber tube and then goes into a bag when the nurse put in the needle. Ahahah...that was quick man, because everything done about 15 minutes time hahaha...

We had some drinks, bread and some biscuits at the MSC CyberCentre Library and the I get back to Stesen Sentral Kuala Lumpur and had my lunch....(makan lagi,..kuat makan aku ni...hehe)...

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